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Contact information 

Email: (This is the fastest way to contact me) Note: I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Phone: 706-447-2102

Tutoring Hours:

I will be available for tutoring Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4pm. Please contact me if you need to meet me outside of these times and I will do my best to accommodate you!

Schedule Google Classroom

1st Period:   7:35 - 8:23  Advanced Algebra B 1st:   wrimbuu

2nd Period:  8:29 - 9:18 Advanced Algebra B 2nd:  wrimbuu

3rd Period:   9:24 - 10:12 Advanced Algebra 3rd:  3gjmcfo

4th Period:  10:18 - 11:06 AP Statistics         4th:  3vcfq2j

Lunch:   11:06 - 11:31

5th Period:  11:12 - 12:57 Advanced Algebra B 5th:  wrimbuu

6th Period:  1:01 - 1:49 AP Statistics 6th:  3vcfq2j 

REMIND CODES (text the following codes to 81010)

Advanced Algebra B        @  aabmob    

Advanced Algebra           @ aamob         

AP Statistics                      @ apstatmob