Mr. Chumley

Best time to contact: 7:00AM-3:00PM weekdays

How will I communicate with the class: 

I will communicate with the class & send out assignments almost exclusively through google classroom. Weekly agenda will be posted there as well as in the powerpoints. 

Google classroom codes (only sign up for your subject)

APES: m2sppr6

Environmental: z3x3bhq

To locate past assignments to turn in, simply go to the classwork page on google classroom and find the assignment under the corresponding unit. 

The Calendar is located on google classroom. 


1st: Environmental Science

2nd: Environmental Science

3rd: Environmental Science  

4th: AP Environmental Science 

5th: Environmental Science (B Lunch)

6th: Planning

7th: Environmental Science

Chumley: APES Course Description and Syllabus.docx
Chumley Environmental Science syllabus