Mr. Typhair

General Information:

All classroom information can be found on google classroom, if information is time-sensitive or especially important I will also send a mass email to all students involved. I do not use the "remind" software so student should make a habit of checking Google Classroom as well as their school email for information and updates regarding class.

Contact information:


Email Policy: Under normal circumstances all emails will be responded to within a 24 hour period

Parent phone call Policy: Parents, please ensure your phone accepts calls from blocked numbers as I will call parents from my cell phone, whose number will be blocked. Typically I will call twice back-to-back, on the first call I generally let the phone ring 2-3 times and hang up, then call right back in an effort to identify myself. After that second call I will leave a message.

Daily class Schedule:

1st Period: World History

2nd Period: World History

3rd Period: Planning *This is the best time to contact me*

4th Period: World History

5th Period: World History

6th Period: World History

7th Period World History

*Times for class periods not listed as they are subject to change*