Miss. Barbari

Interrelated Resource Teacher

What are we learning?

Through research based methodologies, students will work in small groups to close gaps on reading and math skills. Students will acquire reading and math standards through a multi-sensory approach. Students will also work on mastery of grade level standards in reading and math.

Contact Information

email: melissa.barbari@ccboe.net

Feel free to send me an email ANY TIME!  I check my mail periodically throughout the day and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

phone: 706-863-8308 Leave a message with the office & I'll get back to you

Martinez Elementary Website 

About Me

This is my 5th year at Martinez Elementary. Prior to moving to the South, I lived in the frigid North, the desert, overseas, and the West Coast. I'm grateful to finally find a permanent home in the beautiful South! 

I have worked in both general education and Special Education. Although, I did enjoy teaching my general education students, my heart belongs in special education.   

As I am sure you can tell from the background of this webpage, I am a huge Disney fan. When I am not talking/thinking/dreaming about going to a Disney Park, I can be found camping and boating/kayaking. 

Looking Ahead

Sep 27 - Kindergarten Field Trip 

Sep 29 - Book Fair

Oct 9-10 - Fall Break