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Best way to contact me is through email:

Harlem Middle School

706-556-5990 ext 5851

~Students will use Classlink again this year. The easiest way to access Classlink is through HMS website (located in the box above or by clicking on Then click on Classlink. There is a tab at the top of this page for information on Google Classroom*.

*New to Google Classroom? Here is a quick Powerpoint that a teacher made for parents.


Throughout each nine weeks, students are encouraged to relearn concepts that they may have struggled with previously. Students are encouraged to redo any assignment or assessment.

My goal is that my students grow as learners and show mastery of the standards; this may take place at a different rate within each child.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones may be used at teacher’s discretion. Technology can be extremely helpful to the learning experience*.

When technology is not approved, it can cause disruptions, so cell phones should remain in bookbags unless otherwise instructed.

*Social Media is not considered a learning experience.

Please Consider Donating:

Individually wrapped Candy

****We are always in need of tissues, pencils, and candy*!

*Jolly Ranchers, Smarties, and Starbursts are always great motivators in the classroom.

Donations are greatly appreciated!