Contact Info:

The best way to contact me is through email.  

I will respond as quickly as possible between 7am and 3pm.  If you email after that time, I will follow up the next morning.  Thank you. 

You may also contact the school and leave a message for me. 

Harlem Middle School 

706-556-5990 ext 5851

ELA Agenda

Parents and students may also contact me through Google Classroom.  I will receive an email notification. The biggest thing that I want to stress is do not panic. If something is due the next day, and your child has questions, extended time will be given. Grace is always given first

Have a wonderful week!

Supply List:

notebook or binder (can be shared with another class)


Pencils with extra erasers

Highlighters (4 colors)

Colored pencils

Class Expectations:

I truly believe the most important thing we can do is RESPECT one another. A place of respect allows each person to obtain and access the information and tools necessary for success. 

B - Be a Leader

A - Achieve High Expectations

R - Read to Learn

K - Kind and Respectful to Others

Course Overview

Grade 7 ELA instruction addresses students' increasing maturity abilities. We will work on reading and responding to informational and literary text, writing argumentative, narrative, and expository text, and developing language, listening, and speaking skills. 

Topics of study include central idea, theme, inference, analysis of claims, citation of evidence, tone, literal and figurative word meaning, narrative, argumentative, and expository writing. 

~Students will use Classlink again this year.  The easiest way to access Classlink is through HMS website by clicking on  Then, click on Classlink. There will be a tab at the top of this page for information on Google Classroom*. 

Daily Schedule


1st Period                   7:30-8:20 (student connections/teacher planning)

2nd Period                  8:23-9:13 (student connections/teacher planning)

3rd Period                   9:16-10:26

4th Period/Lunch     10:29-12:08  

5th Period                  12:11-1:17    

6th Period                  1:20-2:25       


Grading Weights:

Assessments = 60%  

Assignments = 40 %


It is the student's responsibility to schedule the reteaching/retesting with the teacher. Students will have only one opportunity to re-assess. The maximum score that a student may get on a reassessment is a 90. 

My goal is that my students grow as learners and show mastery of the standards; this may take place at a different rate with each child. 

New Cell Phone Policy:

District Policy is that there are no cell phones allowed in use in the classroom, so they must be stored in a bookbag or purse.

Classroom Needs:

Individually Wrapped -

Candy and/or chips*  

Breakfast/Granola bars 

Cheese crackers      

Peanut Butter crackers 

Cleaning Wipes

Donations are greatly appreciated!

*Jolly Ranchers, Starbursts and other individually wrapped snacks are always great motivators in the classroom.