Reading for the Fun of It

Our goal is for all students to love reading.  Students learn foundational reading skills, and then become fluent and capable readers during the elementary school years. Students who are able to read for pleasure open their minds to new discoveries, and are better able to navigate other subjects in school. While we do focus on learning to read at school, we also want children to be able to check out a book that they truly want to read - just for the fun of it.

GTE Lexile Reading Chart


A frequently asked question that we receive in the Learning Commons from students is.... "Where are the (funny, scary, fantasy, etc. ) books?"  In an effort to help students find the books they are looking for, we provide a genrefied regular Fiction section.

Many of our Fiction titles can technically be identified as more than one Genre (i.e.  an adventurous, fantasy novel that blends elements of humor and mystery). The most compelling genre for each book has been identified, marked as the book's sublocation in Destiny, and shelved according to this genre. 

Our regular Fiction Genres are displayed below (Everybody Fiction is still shelved according to author):

Adventure Genre Label
Historical Fiction Genre Label
Animals Genre Label
Humor Genre Label
Fantasy Genre Label
Mystery Genre Label
Fairy Tales Genre Label
Realistic Fiction Genre Label
Folk & Fairy Tales Genre Label
Scary Genre Label
Graphic Novels Genre Label
Science Fiction Genre Label