Welcome! We are glad you are here.

Daily Schedule

8:10 -8:40 a.m. Arrival/ Opening the Learning Commons/ Morning News Show Prep

8:40 a.m. Late Bell/ Morning News Show airs

9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. This year Kindergarten, First and Second Grades will visit on an 8 day Specials rotation for Information Literacy lessons and full class check out. Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades will visit during specific times scheduled by teachers during Science/ SS/ Writing or WIN times. We accommodate groups with advanced, scheduled notice during available times offered on the calendar.

3:35 p.m. Afternoon Announcements and Dismissal

4:10 p.m. Staff Dismissal/ Meetings

Contact US

Ms. Hall, Library Media Specialist, stacey.hall@ccboe.net

Ms. Clear, Library Media Clerk, shanika.clear@ccboe.net

706-863-0800,ext. 1631

What is a Learning Commons?

That is a great question! And we are glad you asked. An elementary school learning commons is a library media center with flexible space and scheduling; designed to accommodate multiple types of learning experiences.

We have plenty of wonderful books for students and faculty members to hold in their hands and check out. Reading is, and will always be, a top priority in this space. In addition to physical books, we incorporate online reading experiences, like Epic. We also provide technology resources such as iPads and laptop computers, and offer exploration stations where students are able to imagine and create through a combination of technology and unplugged activities.

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