GMS Soccer

Girl's - Coach Baddley

Boy's - Coach Collins

2020-2021 GMS Soccer Schedule

Spring 2021 Schedule

Here is the schedule for this season.

For the 1st 5 games, girls will play at 4 pm and boys will play at 5 pm.

For the 2nd half of the season, boys will play at 4 pm and girls will play at 5 pm.

Of course, the schedule is subject to change.

EDIT: The games for 2/18 and 2/19 will be rescheduled as of now to later dates.

Soccer Travel


In adherence with a recent policy change within our county, if you plan to drive a student other than your own child to a GMS athletic game/match/meet, you will be required to complete the following steps:

Go to the CCBOE website:

Click Information -> Parent Resources

Scroll towards the bottom and click on Volunteer Information. Follow instructions at this link. Completed Volunteer Form, copy of current driver’s license and automobile insurance card must be turned in and then notarized. We have a notary at the school to assist with this.

Present above information to the front office. At the school you will need to complete Form 3 Driver Transporting Students on a School-Sanctioned Event in a Private Vehicle.

Thank you for adhering to the Columbia County Board of Education transportation policy.