Healthcare Science

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Mrs. Michelle Meadows

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  • School Phone: (706) 650-6040

  • Room: 309

  • Schedule:

    • 1st: Intro to Healthcare

    • 2nd/3rd: Sports Med

    • 4th: Intro to Healthcare

    • 5th: Planning

    • 6th: Intro to Healthcare

    • 7th: Intro to Healthcare

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7 AM-7 PM

School Phone:

11:15 AM-12:45 PM

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1st Period-Intro


2nd & 3rd Period-Sports Med


4th period-Intro


6th period-Intro


7th period-Intro


Remind Codes

TEXT #81010

Intro to Healthcare 1st period-


Sports Medicine 2nd & 3rd period-


Intro to Healthcare 4th period-


Intro to Healthcare 6th period-


Intro to Healthcare 7th period-


About Mrs. Meadows

Mrs. Meadows is...

A Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer and Teacher. She is passionate about Healthcare as well as teaching her students! She graduated from Georgia Southern University and has been teaching at Greenbrier High School for 5 years! She has been married since May 2018 and been a pup mom to Bailee for 6 years. December 2019, they welcomed their daughter Emilia to the world and loves to share her photos to everyone :) She is SUPER excited about this year and all the new opportunities it may bring for the students. Also, she is so excited to be teaching a new group of Intro students to fuel their excitement about Healthcare as well as starting up the Sports Medicine program again!


Introduction to Healthcare (all periods) calendar is on the left & the Sports Medicine calendar is on the right