The Agriculture Department at EHS offers students two career pathway options following the Introductory course that will allow them to obtain a variety of skills and knowledge in the areas of general horticulture, plant science, and landscaping as well as forestry and wildlife management.

Students can choose to follow the Plant Science/Horticulture or Forestry/Wildlife Science as a means to obtain industry-recognized certifications, in addition to, their high school diploma. In addition to the class, students can participate in the National FFA Organization where they will be given leadership, skill development, and career opportunities. All students must first take the Basic Agriculture Science course as a prerequisite for additional pathway courses.

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 Contact Info

Mrs. Megan Fern

Evans High School

4550 Cox Road - Evans, GA 30809

Room - 169

School: 706-863-1198 ext. 4059

Daily Schedule

                           - Forestry Science 

 Supplies for all Agriculture courses

Future Farmers of America

FFA is the organization for students studying or interested in agriculture – ALL STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN. FFA allows students to develop life skills including teamwork, public speaking, and leadership qualities as well as participate in competitions and award programs. Activities provide a connection between classroom instruction and real-life situations related to agricultural careers. It is $20 to join EHS FFA. This pays for local, state, and national dues.

Supervised Agricultural Experience Program

Each student will develop and plan an SAE project in which they will spend time outside of class completing. We will discuss the SAE in detail during the first few weeks of the school year. This is a significant portion of the student’s semester grades and will require some parent involvement and supervision. 

Grading Policy

Attendance and participation are mandatory—skills application courses require participation

A (90-100)   B (80-89)   C (73-79) D (70-72)   F (69 or below)

Students’ 9-weeks grades will be broken down into:

60% - Summative Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, Projects & SAE Program)

40% - Daily Assignments (Classwork & FFA Leadership)

Both nine weeks will be averaged and count 80% of your final semester grade.

Final Exams count 20% of the student’s overall semester average

Class Expectations & Policies


*Maintain a respectful and positive attitude toward your classmates, the equipment, visitors, and me.


*Be an active member of this class.  Participate.  Help your peers.  Advocate for yourself.  Talk to me if you have any questions or concerns.  Stay organized.


*Come to class on time.  Cell phones and Headphones are NOT allowed in class - unless I ask you to use them.  Students are expected to conduct their behavior at all times as a professional adult working in a business environment.

Makeup Policy

Per the student handbook, students with excused absences will have five (5) school days after returning to class to make up any missed work.  If work is not made up within five days, zeros will be assigned to work missed. Students are responsible for checking with the teacher for any missed assignments for any days that they are absent from class. 

Homework Policy

Due to the nature of this course, there is generally no daily homework assigned. If classwork is not completed in a timely manner students are expected to complete the work at home. Students may be asked to complete tasks related to a project, such as surveys, research, etc. Students are also expected to practice their skills if the opportunity arises on a computer either at home or in the media center. Sufficient preparation for upcoming tests and quizzes is also expected.

Since most work will be completed in class, it is imperative that students come to class each day, as they will find it hard to catch up if too many days are missed.