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 Information about me

About me

My name is Peggy DeLucia, I have been a teacher since 2005.  I have been working in special education since 2012.  I enjoy challenging children and encouraging them to grow.  I am looking forward to my year with your student.




My schedule

time   -   Location

8:30-9:30- 3rd grade co-teach { Ms. T. Thompson}

9:30- 10:15- 2nd grade co-teach {Mrs. Johnson's room}

10:15-10:40- IRR writing 2nd grade {room 102}

10:40-11:00- 3rd grade support

11:00-11:30- 3rd Grade IRR math  {room 102}

11:30-12:00- Lunch

12:00-12:40- 3rd grade IRR Math continue  {room 102}

12:40-1:40 2nd grad IRR math  {room 102}

1:40-2:00- Support 3rd/2nd

2:00-2:30- 3rd grade IRR writing skills  {room 102}

2:30-3:30 Planning period {room 102}