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Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA)

Registration Now Open for the 2021-2022 School Year!

The Columbia County School District is pleased to announce a new, FREE virtual learning option beginning with the 2021-2022 school year for all students in grades 6-12 who reside in Columbia County. The registration deadline to enroll in the CVA for the upcoming school year is January 19, 2021.

CVA courses will be taught by certified teachers selected for their strong curricular and proven instructional technology background. CVA teachers will create the units of study for their courses using standards provided by the Georgia Department of Education. While there will be some required teacher-led "live" or "synchronous" sessions, the majority of instruction will be "asynchronous," meaning that the coursework can be completed anytime, anywhere as long as it meets the teacher's deadline.

Students choosing to take CVA courses must have access to a solid internet connection, and they should have their own personal device.

Students attending CVA will commit to this model by semester (two nine weeks grading periods for grades 6-8). Additional information is provided below.

Mission – The Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA) will provide rigorous, standards-based, personalized instruction in a flexible virtual environment that meets the needs of CVA learners anywhere and anytime.

Vision - The Columbia Virtual Academy will be a high-performing virtual option that offers an alternative path for meeting graduation requirements for middle and high school students.

goals of CVA Are to

  • Provide better personalized instruction for our students who are capable of being successful virtual learners.

  • Allow students greater flexibility to earn credits for graduation.

  • Provide all middle and high school students across the district equal access to virtual courses.

  • Increase opportunities for all students to pursue virtual learning from Columbia County School District teachers, rather than using other virtual schools outside the school district.

  • Provide opportunities for former homeschool and private school students to take advantage of the quality education we have to offer by choosing to learn through the CVA.

  • Allow the Department of Digital Learning to focus professional learning on CVA teachers to increase the quality and rigor of virtual courses.


Students from all eight middle schools and all five high schools are eligible to enroll in the CVA if this type of learning meets their needs. CVA students remain students of their zoned school, no matter how many courses they choose to take through the CVA.

CVA has a fall and a spring enrollment period. The exact dates may be found on the CVA website. Enrollment is available to all students who meet eligibility requirements.

  • Middle school students in grades 6 and 7 may take up to 6 courses each fall and spring enrollment period for free.

  • Middle school students in grade 8 may take 7 courses each fall and spring enrollment period for free.

  • High school students may take up to 7 courses each fall and spring enrollment period for free.

  • Students are required to participate in state testing as well as course final exam testing at school during designated time periods.

  • Students must adhere to all district policies regarding attendance, student conduct, and graduation requirements.

  • Students graduating from high school through the CVA will receive a diploma from their zoned high school of Evans, Greenbrier, Grovetown, Harlem, or Lakeside.

  • Future considerations may be made for adding some elementary grade levels once the CVA has been established.

  • The summer CVA session offers both enrichment and remediation courses. Students are limited to one full-credit enrichment course per summer session. Summer enrichment courses are $250 per half-credit. Summer remediation courses are $80 per half-credit.

eligibility and registration

The following requirements must be met to be eligible for enrollment:

1. Proof of legal residency in Columbia County.

2. Enrollment in a Columbia County School District middle or high school. You can use this link to type in your home address to determine which schools your child can attend.

3. A completed application for enrollment in the CVA.

4. A completed counselor approval form, ensuring courses requested meet promotion and/or graduation requirements.

5. Access to a computer/device and reliable internet connection.

For Current Columbia County School District Students:

  1. Review the Profile of a Successful Student (below) to determine if online learning is a good fit for the student, as this model of learning is not for everyone.

  2. Consult with your school counselor about interest in CVA courses and to seek the approval form.

  3. Complete the online registration by January 19, 2020, using this link.

For Students New to the Columbia County School District:

  1. Review the Profile of a Successful Student (below) to determine if online learning is a good fit for the student, as this model of learning is not for everyone.

  2. Register as a new Columbia County School District student in your zoned school by completing the online registration process by January 19, 2021.

  3. After completing the CCSD online registration for your zoned school, complete the CVA online registration for courses by January 19, 2021 by using this link.

Course Offerings

  • CVA courses will be taught by certified Columbia County teachers.

  • CVA courses are not remedial in nature. The rigor of courses will be comparable to Georgia Virtual School courses.

  • CVA courses offer the flexibility for students to work at home full or part-time. If a student chooses to take a part-time schedule of CVA courses and a part-time schedule of in-person classes, the student may be allowed to work on the CVA courses at his/her zoned school during the normal school day if space and supervision are available. Students wanting this opportunity need to communicate with their guidance counselor to discuss the options.

  • Transportation to and from zoned schools is only provided in morning and afternoon routes. CVA students wanting to attend in-person classes or participate in extracurricular activities will need their own transportation.

  • Because there has to be a minimum number of students enrolled in a course for it to be offered, there is no guarantee all courses will "make" until registration is complete. Courses that do not make may be available via GA Virtual School.

  • CVA students cannot exempt CVA course final exams, and exams will be proctored at the zoned school.

  • CVA courses will meet CCSD graduation requirements; however, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) should be consulted prior to enrollment in case the student intends to participate in NCAA sanctioned sports in college. The NCAA Clearinghouse will verify that CVA courses are accepted for athletic eligibility in college.

High School Courses Offered

All core courses taught including Advanced Placement core classes & electives will be determined by student registration. For some courses, if a minimal number of students do not enroll, CVA may be able to help the student enroll in a Georgia Virtual Course instead.

Middle School Courses Offered

All core courses including gifted will be offered.

Connections courses will be taught over one semester:

  • Digital Technology (1 year course for HS credit)

  • PE

  • Fine Arts (Visual Art)

  • STEM

  • Foreign Language (taken over two semesters for one full high school credit) include Spanish, French, German and Sign Language. Other languages for high school credit may be available via GA Virtual School.


  • Students will have an average of three to four total hours of online instruction to complete each day, not including homework. This total amount of time is for a full day's schedule and not for each individual course.

  • Most activities will not be "live" and will be conducted asynchronously, giving students access to view and complete instructional lessons 24/7.

  • Activities may include recorded teacher instruction, online reading and/or videos, podcasts, group discussions, quizzes, and tests.

  • Teachers may host live sessions during the school day and after school hours. Attendance for online live sessions is preferred; however, recordings will be available.

  • Students may have the opportunity to work with other students, participate in collaborative assignments, and/or engage in discussion boards.

  • All assignments will be uploaded into Google Classroom for grading and feedback. Grades will be visible in Infinite Campus, as well.

  • Students needing additional support may meet with their teachers virtually or face to face upon request.

  • Students with a 504 Plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be provided appropriate accommodations. However, students with disabilities receive special education because their disability negatively impacts their academic or behavioral success in the classroom. The virtual learning environment requires students to possess the communication, self-motivation, reading, writing, math, and computer literacy skills to succeed in class. The majority of students with disabilities learn best with targeted direct support and school-based specialized instruction and related services. If a student with disabilities is seeking enrollment in the CVA, he/she must be pursuing a regular course of study/high school diploma and be recommended by the IEP team. The team must have documentation and a rationale as to why it believes that the student can be successful with minimal education support.

Profile of a Successful Virtual Learning student

Virtual learning is not for every student. Students who have a successful, satisfying experience learning virtually tend to share the following characteristics:

  • Effective Time Management: The student creates and maintains a consistent study schedule throughout the semester and is able to do so without significant prodding from a teacher.

  • Effective Communication: The student knows when and how to ask for help and is able to clearly describe by way of email, texting, and/or the telephone any problems she/he is having with the learning materials. This includes seeking help from the virtual instructor, a mentor, or even other students in the virtual course.

  • Independent Study Habits: The student studies and completes assignments without direct supervision and maintains the self-discipline to stick to a schedule.

  • Self-Motivation: The student has a strong desire to learn skills, acquire knowledge, and fulfill assignments because of an educational goal and can maintain focus on that goal.

  • Academic Readiness: The student has the basic reading, writing, math, and computer literacy skills to succeed in the class.

  • Digital Readiness: The student knows how to open, create, and/or save a document using word processing applications such as Microsoft, Google, and other cloud-based tools; use various technology tools such as the dictionary, thesaurus, grammar checker, and calculator; and identify, download, and convert various file formats such as doc, xls, pdf, and jpg.

SCHoOL Calendar, HomeSchool Students, & Extracurricular ACTIVITIES

School Calendar

Homeschool Students

  • Homeschool students living in Columbia County may enroll in the CVA provided the student meets eligibility requirements. Students will enroll full-time at their zoned middle and high schools following CCSD registration requirements, and then they may participate in the CVA courses.

Extracurricular Participation

  • Students may participate in extracurricular activities and athletics at their zoned school while enrolled full-time CVA courses. All county and Georgia High School Association rules apply.

Fall 2021 Timeline

  • January 19, 2021- Deadline to enroll in CVA courses for the 2021 Fall Session

  • March 16, 2021- Students verify courses requested for 2021 Fall Session

  • July 23, 2021- Student schedules available in Parent Portal

School contacts

Your first point of contact should be your zoned school counselor.

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at