CMS PE - Coach Walsh

PE and Health

Welcome to Columbia Middle School. My name is Tony Walsh and I am entering my 19th year in education. I have served as high school head coach for cross country and track & field teams, as well as softball, football, basketball and track and field at the middle school level. My areas of certification are in Physical Education & Health, Middle Grades Math and Science, and Education Leadership.


My beautiful wife also teaches elementary school in the district, and we have 6 kids total. We are devoted Iowa Hawkeye and Chicago Cubs fans. 

Please contact me with any concerns or comments and I will promptly get back to you.

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Class Schedule:

1st Period (6th): 7:30 - 8:23

2nd Period (6th): 8:25 - 9:18

3rd Period (8th): 9:50 - 10:43

4th Period (8th): 10:45 - 11:38

5th Period (7th): 12:45 - 1:38

6th Period(7th): 1:40 - 2:33

Google Classroom Codes:

1st Period (6th): bdmzbql 

2nd Period (6th): wbqw7yv 

3rd Period (8th): mktbnop 

4th Period (8th): 3rjaq56 

5th Period (7th):    rdbsycb 

6th Period (7th):    jwe2hnj