Carrie Brooks

Ceramics & Pottery

Levels 1-4

Welcome to the world of clay at Lakeside High School! In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of Ceramics, Pottery, Sculpture and beyond! This course provides opportunities to apply design skills in clay through a variety of hand-building techniques; it introduces ceramics and clay history, art criticism, aesthetic judgment and studio production. We will explore styles and techniques of ceramic works from western and non-western cultures. I look forward to working with each of you as you develop and build on your creative and artistic goals!

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All Ceramics students will need to join the correct Google Classroom according to their class period:

1st period Ceramics 1-4: gzkbzih

2nd period Ceramics 1-4: zvtucdc

3rd period: Planning

4th period: Ceramics 1-4: 4pll5so

5th period Ceramics 1-4: 7ayxyya

6th period Ceramics 1-4: rev4oqt

7th period Ceramics 1-4: a2dbwqn



Assignments: The bulk of assignments will be in the form of studio projects. Students are expected to participate every day. Ample time will be given during class; however, for students who need extra time to work, there will be opportunities before or after school to finish projects. All assignments are expected to be completed by the given due date and will be graded using a rubric submitted in Google Classroom. In-progress photos will be taken and submitted by each student (both in-class and LFH students) to document progress on a given project. Students are required to have a ceramics sketchbook to keep class notes, assignments, and project sketches. These can be purchased at any major retailer or you can make one using printer paper and an old binder/notebook.


Grading: In addition to written assignments, project sketches, and studio projects, students will be evaluated based on class participation and classroom maintenance/clean up. To participate, a student must be present, awake, and on task in the classroom. Due to the hands-on nature of ceramics, if a student is absent, he/she is expected to make up the class time missed. Points will be deducted from the class participation grade if a student gets behind on assignments due to accumulated absences or if evidence of adequate progress is not documented on Google Classroom.

Class Supplies

Class Supplies: In order to maintain the high standard of excellence in the expanding visual arts program at LHS, each student taking a Ceramics course is asked to help supplement the supply budget by contributing a studio lab fee/donation of $20 per semester ($40 for the year). This fee will help to cover the cost of supplies such as clay, ceramics glazes, kiln repairs, and other needed class supplies throughout the year. Ordering the supplies in bulk saves everyone time and money. Any amount donated is welcomed and is 100% tax deductible. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns:

Required Supplies for All Students:

  • $20 Lab/studio supply fee/donation per semester ($40 total for the year).

Rev Trak Link:

  • Sketchbook or Folder/binder converted to a sketchbook (hole-punched printer paper added to a binder/folder)

  • Old towel or washcloth (from home or Goodwill- will not be returned)

  • Spray bottle (can repurpose an empty hairspray or cleaning solution bottle etc.)

  • Small plastic container (pint or smaller) with a resealable lid for slip (Talenti Gelato containers are great, but anything like that will work fine!)

  • Large Plastic Container (boot shoebox size) with a lid to store your personal clay.

  • Recommended: 8-piece Ceramics tool set Link to Recommended Tool Set:

Basic Clay tool kit:

Advanced tool kit:

Fancy Tool Kit:

**while ceramics tools will be available to be shared and sanitized between each class period, students may prefer to purchase an individual tool set to minimize the possibility of spreading COVID-19. **