Mr. Dymeck's US and American Government Class

Hello everyone and welcome back! As we embark on a new journey together, I just want to say how excited I am for another year at Harlem High school, so we can continue to grow and accelerate TOGETHER! 

I'd like to take a moment to tell everyone a little about me! I was born and raised in Augusta, Ga. I'm a product of Columbia County schools as I went to Westmont Elementary, Columbia Middle, Evans High, and Augusta State University. On my free time I enjoy hunting, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, archery, reading, and much more! I have a true passion for teaching and absolutely love what I do! I look forward to another amazing year here at Harlem High School!!


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Daily Schedule

1st Period-Gov.

2nd Period-Gov.

3rd Period-Gov

4th Period-US History

5th Period-US History

6th Period-Study Skills

7th Period-Planning


US History-ziun6p4 

Please follow along my with my google classroom to see what we are doing in class!

World History Google Classroom Code:

 *** These codes will be added after the first week of school to ensure that student schedules are solified and accurate!

US History Google classroom code: 

US History

Class Description and topics explored:

1. English Colonization - USH1

2. Causes of the American Revolution - USH3

3. Creating the Constitution – USH5c-e

4. Big Business – USH11

5. Foreign Relations at the Turn of the 20th Century – USH14a-b

6. National Identity after WWI – USH16 

American Government

Class Description and topics explored:

*The government course provides students with a background in the philosophy, functions, and structure of the United States government. 

*Students examine the philosophical foundations of the United States government and how that philosophy developed. 

*Students also examine the structure and function of the United States government and its relationship to states and citizens. 

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