2019 Coyle High School and Middle School Summer Reading

Welcome everyone! This year the summer reading committee worked with input and feedback from faculty, parents, and students. The committee has truly spent countless hours trying to find books that will engage and excite you. It is our hope that by offering choices in each grade grouping, we can better fulfill, for all of you, the mission and goal of summer reading - to enjoy the act of reading. We would also like to recommend that you pick up your book from your local library, where you can most likely pick up an e-book or audio-book version. Links have been provided for every title so that you may read reviews on each book.

Students will complete the assessment based on their choice from their book list. The assessment should lead to an authentic demonstration of your close reading, analysis, and reflection on the characters, themes, and plot of your chosen book. We hope that whichever book you ultimately select will engage you and help strengthen or foster an appreciation for reading.

The Summer Reading Committee

5th Grade

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Assignment: Wonder Character Analysis

6th and 7th Grade (Choose one)

8th and 9th Grade (Choose one)

10th - 12th Grade (Choose one)

Assessment (Due: By the end of the first full week of classes)

A One-Pager is an 11"x 17" single-page visual representation that shows your understanding of a text that you have read. This will serve as visual evidence of your unique experience reading your choice of book and individuality in how you present your understanding of it. A One-Pager should serve as a way to respond to your reading purposely, imaginatively and honestly. You should use color, do more than summarize the plot of the book and fill up the page with the criteria below.

Your one-pager should include:

  • The title of your choice of book and its author
  • Three key quotations that jump out at you, make you think or wonder.
  • Use different colors and/or writing styles to individualize each “quote” or phrase.
  • Images and quotations that represent the key characters, author's style of writing, power of the language, and how the text connects to other texts, movies, history, or modern day life.
  • A statement about why you think this text does or does not deserve its place in our curriculum
  • Ask two questions and answer them. Demonstrate a critical approach to your question(s). Questions and answers should evoke your unique reading of your choice of book.
  • A short poem (minimum of four lines) that demonstrates your understanding of the key themes of your choice of book

On the back of the One-Pager, include a detailed paragraph that explains the choices you made on the One-Pager and how they demonstrate your understanding of your book. This response should make clear anything from your One-Pager that could be unclear. This will help your ELA teacher to accurately assess your assignment.