You are all welcome here!

While our face-to-face worship gatherings are now open for all, we still require all our church attendees to exercise concern and love to the rest of the community by following these guidelines while inside the church premises:

  1. Please wear face masks properly. “Face masks shall continue to be worn in indoor private or public establishments” as mandated by the EO No. 3.

  2. Have a temperature check upon entry into the facility.

  3. Sanitize your hands. Alcohol is provided at the entrance and other locations of the building for use as needed.

  4. Alfresco dining is available at the Makers Cafe.

  5. If you have any symptoms, stay at home. Worship services are also still available online.

  6. If symptoms suddenly develop while on the premises, go home immediately. Our first aid stations are located on the Ground Floor Lobby and Second Floor–Escalator side.

  7. Room reservation is still required for groups that meet inside the church premises. Life Groups, Journey Groups, Ministry Meetings, and Fellowships may reserve rooms through the Members Services. Individual pre-registration of each attendee and QR codes are no longer necessary. For room reservations, you may call 8741-6170. Online facilities for group meetings will continue to be made available.

  8. Continue to observe social distancing.

Thank you and we look forward to worshiping God with you at CBCP.

Please be guided by our On-Site Worship Service Reminders Video

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If you experience any flu-like symptoms after attending a service

Please contact our Member Services - Nicole

Landline 87416170

Please check back to this site for any updates. We are thankful for your patience and understanding as we slowly transition back to our on-site services. Please be advised, as much as we would like to allow all vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, we are following IATF's guidelines. And as such, can only allow fully vaccinated people into air-conditioned facilities.

Hoping for the day we can all come together to worship the Lord!