Our Art Committee puts together displays of a variety of local artists' work. Each display last 1-3 months and helps showcase local talent. It also helps to adorn the walls of Common GroundsLeader: Allison Langan

Community Service

Community Service is an important part of Project Cafe. Members and friends have helped organized and participated in many activities including:

  • The Christmas Walk

  • The Chilly Chili Run

  • Halloween Cleanup

  • Halloween Costume Exchange

  • The Christmas Toy Shoppe

  • Earth Day Cleanup

  • Veterans' Day visit with veterans

  • The Bridge Cleanup

  • 9/11 Ceremony

  • Crop Walk for Hunger

  • Shoe Collection for Afganistan

  • The Trail Cleanup

  • Park Clean up

  • Please feel free to contact us if you have a new idea or just want to join in the activities.


Our Entertainment Committee provides events to bring the community together.

Some of these events include:

Our committee is always looking for other events to offer. If you have any ideas feel free to contact us.


This Committee is focused on creating programs that help the environment.


Welcome to the fundraising committee. Project Cafe exists because of the generosity of its supporters and commitment of its members. We welcome your support any level.

To make a donation and support our effort, feel free to contact Beth Seeley at

We also offer raffles and other fundraising activities throughout the year, so if you are interested, keep an eye out. Thank you for your support!