PSG meetings will now take place online on every 2nd Wednesday of each month using ZOOM. 

Next online PSG meeting: Wednesday February 08, 2023 @ 7:30pm

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 623 4248 0360Passcode: 677376 

What is the Cathedral School Parents Association (PSG)?

The Parent Support Group (“PSG”) performs two vital functions for Cathedral School, which are both summed up in the word ‘support’. 

Firstly, we support the School and each other by uniting the parents as a body, providing channels of communication, welcoming new parents, holding social events, and encouraging volunteerism.  

Secondly, we support the School by raising funds in a variety of ways. These funds are typically spent on upgrading school equipment, i.e. new playground surfacing, new set of audio/visual equipment, new early warning earthquake alarm system. The funds are also spent on friend-raising experiences, such as the Christmas Pot Luck Dinner, Shrove Tuesday Panacake Breakfast and the Grade 8 Graduation. 

We elect an executive and meet on a regular basis through the year. The Head of School works closely with the PSG. All parents and/or guardians are automatically members of the PSG and are encouraged to attend meetings and get involved in the activities of the group.

The PSG is a vital part of the community of CCCS. A successful and vibrant group can make all the difference to the School, helping morale, increasing the sense of community, enhancing the educational opportunities and thereby helping to make the education of all the children more positive and rewarding. 

Would you like to get involved? We’d sure like if you did. 


As noted above, one of our main activities is to raise money to enhance the school for our children. Through PSG fundraising activities, we have been able to donate to the school a variety of items over the past few years such as:

While we have many fundraising activities in place, we are always interested in new ideas.  If you have an idea for fundraising or just want to help out with our existing activities, please drop us a note either by email or leave the info in the PSG box at the school office.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the PSG; to support the Christ Church Cathedral Educational Society in its mission to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth and development of our children, in a Christian atmosphere of love, acceptance and understanding; and to provide a forum of fellowship and discussion amongst families and faculty.