October 13-15, 2022

1st CASL Workshop

at Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI)


Theme: Building Ecosystems for AI at Scale

AI at scale - made famous by OpenAI's "GPT-3" in 2020 - is powering AI use cases that were previously thought impossible, such as synthetic art, automatic software programming, and drug design.

Our workshop brings experts in AI at scale to the region, who will map out steps that organizations should take to become self-sufficient at these applications, and to explore new business use cases.

The program has two sessions:


Research Session - Thursday Oct 13th

Industry Session - Friday Oct 14th


Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI)

Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Petuum, Inc.


Eric Xing

President, Professor at MBZUAI

Founder at Petuum, Inc.

Le Song

Professor at MBZUAI

Timothy Baldwin

Professor at MBZUAI

Kun Zhang

Associate Professor at MBZUAI

Director of the Center for Integrative Artificial Intelligence (CIAI)

Shan Lu

Professor at University of Chicago

Chih-Jen Lin

Distinguished Professor at National Taiwan University

Ebtesam Almazrouei

Director of the Al-Cross Center Unit at Technology Innovation Institute (TII)

Merouane Debbah

Chief Researcher at Technology Innovation Institute (TII) and Adjunct Professor at MBZUAI

Guowei He

Principal Engineer at Inception Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IIAI)

Xiaodan Liang

Associate Professor at Sun Yat-sen University

Marco Canini

Associate Professor at KAUST

Pengtao Xie

Adjunct Assistant Professor at MBZUAI

Jinliang Wei


Hongyi Wang

Carnegie Mellon University

Hao Zhang

UC Berkeley

Maruan Al-Shedivat

Principal Research Scientist at Genesis Therapeutics

Sang Choe

Carnegie Mellon University

Aurick Qiao

CEO at Petuum Inc.

Hector Liu

Head of Engineering
at Petuum Inc.

Zhiting Hu

Assistant Professor at UC San Diego

Willie Neiswanger

Stanford University

Qirong Ho

Co-Founder at Petuum Inc., Assistant Professor at MBZUAI

Organizing Committee

Willie Neiswanger

Qirong Ho

Hao Zhang

Hector Liu

Zhiting Hu

Aurick Qiao

Eric Xing

About CASL

The Composable, Automatic and Scalable Learning (CASL) organization brings together technologists who envision that the broader public — the “power of many” — can collaboratively build Artificial Intelligence as easily as stacking “Lego” blocks. We explore how AI can be built in a holistic, “all levels” approach that covers data, models, training/inference algorithms, meta-learning, parallelization, scheduling, resource management and software infrastructure.

Our work is available as open source.