COVID-19 Resources

If your child is going to be absent, please click the link below for instructions.


This site has been developed to review and outline guidelines that are specific to Carver Elementary School as it relates to COVID-19. Specific policies, maps and procedures can be found below as well as links to both State Guidelines and Carver's District Plan and helpful information regarding Carver Elementary School.

The link above provides information on Fall Reopening Plans for Carver Public Schools.

Additional COVID related information can be found clicking on Resources


To provide students with a safe and supportive learning environment that promotes both academic and social opportunities for students while practicing social distancing and following state and local guidelines.

Each year, CES encourages all students to share their Hopes and Dreams for the School year. It is important for students to express their hopes and dreams so they learn to set goals. As educators, we strive to to foster the students' goals!

Parents/Guardians are always welcomed to share their Hopes and Dream for their child's school year!

Parent Presentations_ Re-Opening 9_15_2020.pdf
Kindergarten Parent Presentation_ Re-Opening 9_16_2020 (2).pdf

School Supply Lists

Elementary Handbook

Our handbook is filled with all kinds of helpful information; from the school calendar, attendance, lost and found to the Code of Conduct.

Please note that there is a COVID addendum:

Links to Resources and Forms

New Procedures for 2020-2021


Dropping off items

bathroomcoming back.MOV



Mask Breaks


Coyote Greeting

Properly fitting masks are essential. Please use this as your guide

Until further notice, gaiters will not be allowed at Carver Elementary.

Additional information for special situations

The New Look of Our Cafeteria


LIVE Technology Help

ClassLink Directions.pdf

How to Log On with ClassLink Quickcards

Chromebook and Home Wifi.pdf

Chromebook and Home Wifi

Parts of a Chromebook.pptx

Parts of the Chromebook

Chromebook Keyboard Settings (1).pdf

Chromebook Keyboard Setting

Chromebook Short Cuts

Chromebook Trackpad Trick Drag and Drop.mp4

How to Use Click and Drag

Use this method with drawing programs.

Chromebook 101 TrackPad and Hotkeys.mp4

Chromebook 101 Track Pad and

Hot Keys

Parent Guide to Google Classroom An Introduction.mp4

Parents Guide to Classroom Introduction

Parent Guide to Google Classroom Navigation.mp4

Parents Guide to Classroom Navigation

Parent Guide to Google Classroom Communication.mp4

Parents Guide to Classroom Communication

Parent Guide to Google Classroom To-do List.mp4

Parents Guide to Classroom To-Do List

Parent Guide to Google Classroom Submitting Assignments.mp4

Parents Guide to Classroom Submitting Assignments

Parents Guide to Google Classroom Editing Assignments.mp4

Parents Guide to Classroom Editing Assignments

More Technology Help Videos and Information Will Be Available Soon.