Chromebook Repair Request & Help Page

The Carthage Central School District would like to ensure that all our students have access to their online educational resources, and will provide repair to any Chromebooks issued to students, provided by the school.

Chromebooks/Chargers in need of repair must be brought to the school’s designated room after a repair form is submitted.  A student will then receive a loaner while the broken Chromebook is repaired. The Chromebook will be returned to the school's designated room after it is fixed.

Middle and High School Students:

Please check your email for updates on your Chromebook's repair status. 

The Repair Form requires authentication with a CCSD Google account.

Use the form to report students' Chromebook problems.

For issues with teacher presentation devices or loaners, please use the ticket system.


Common Issues

Many issues are solved by updating or restarting the Chromebook.

Chromebook won't turn on

No Mouse

Restart the Chromebook.

Keyboard typing incorrect letters


Mic/Camera not working

Website not loading

Chromebook 1:1 Elementary Student - 2020 First Week
Chromebook 1:1 MS & HS Student - 2020 First Week