Skepticamp Carthage

Sunday, May 7, 2023 - 1:00-3:00pm

Location TBA

Seeking sponsors! Email for more information about sponsoring or donating to SkeptiCamp Carthage.

What is SkeptiCamp?

A SkeptiCamp is basically a skeptic conference organized by a local community of skeptics where the attendees themselves create and present the content. They are "open" in that everyone is encouraged to take part in their organization and giving talks.

It's a new breed of skeptic gathering based upon the wildly successful BarCamp format. Where BarCamp focuses on technology, SkeptiCamp focuses instead on critical thinking, science, pseudoscience, alternative medicine and the many topics of interest to skeptics. Both BarCamp and SkeptiCamp turn the traditional conference on its head, stripping away the barriers to organizing events and providing a range of meaningful ways for everyone to participate and have fun. 

What topics are appropriate for SkeptiCamp presentations?

There are no rules! If your skepticism in a topic is based upon evidence, then it is a viable topic for a SkeptiCamp presentation. Here is a list of titles from previous SkeptiCamp talks:

Low-quality video footage from the last SkeptiCamp hosted by the SkeptiCamp Carthage team is available here, here, here, and here.

How can you get involved?

SkeptiCamp lives and dies by its participants. If you would like to help in organizing the event please email Anthony Barnhart ( Otherwise, use the form below to submit a presentation for the event or register to attend. One of the organizers will be in touch with more information. The plan is for presentations to be relatively short (10-15 minutes) so that we can have a diverse and engaging sent of talks.

The SkeptiCamp Carthage Team