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About Me:

This is my eleventh year teaching at Carteret High School. I teach Digital Design, Digital Business Tools, Advancing with Google, College + Career Seminar and AVID. I am super involved around school and look forward to having the opportunity to have your child in my class.

I am married, to my husband, who is a Carteret High School graduate and still currently serves the community, so being a Rambler means so much to our family. We have a daughter who is 4 and a son who is 2, and they are our world - so I know what it's like to be a parent!

I am a Dean’s List graduate from the University of Rhode Island, and have a Business and Marketing degree, as well as, having the opportunity to study international technological advances in Europe. Throughout the first part of my career I was able to gain hands-on experience working in the business field as a Marketing Director. I believe my experiences have allowed me to bring real-life projects to the classroom and further turn my students into 21st century learners.

I went back to school to obtain my teaching certification. I completed my Master’s Degree, from Grand Canyon University, in Educational Technology. I also hold my certification to be a supervisor and building administrator. I was the 2019-2020 Carteret High School Teacher of the Year and in August of 2020, I was named the Middlesex County Teacher of the Year. I served as an ambassador to our community, county and state during 2020 and 2021. This award was such an honor and I look forward to bringing my experiences into the classroom!

"There's nothing magical about tech tools.
The REAL MAGIC rests in the minds and hearts of
the students using tech tools to introduce new
ideas and opportunities to the world."