Mrs. Lawton's Theater

Welcome to my Theater Classes! On my site you will find information about upcoming events and class information!

The theater program at CHS focuses on two areas of theater in order to prepare students for college and career readiness in the field. Through the use of hands-on projects and activities, students are immersed into the world of theater and learn what it takes to work both on and off stage. Students will discover the creativity needed in order to create the visual and audio aspects of theater, as well as the emotional and vocal skills needed in order to perform on stage.

The theater program is broken down into 3 separate courses:

Intro to Acting: which focuses on the beginning elements needed for performing as an actor on stage.

Acting 1: Which is an audition based course which takes a deeper look at the different acting methods that exist, and audition techniques to help prepare students for college auditions.

Theater production: Not interested in being onstage but still have an interest in the theater? This course is designed to teach behind the scene skills needed in order to prepare for a show.