Welcome Students!

The US I courses will encompass the establishment of European colonies in North America through the late 19th century.  Highlighted topics will include the American Revolution, the U.S. Constitution, early industrialization, the westward movement,  the Antebellum period, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the modernization of America during the latter 1800's.

The US II courses will begin post-Civil War and the reconstruction era .   They  will  cover imperialism,  progressivism, World War I,  Prohibition, the Great Depression,  World War II,  the Cold War era,  the Civil Rights Movement , and Vietnam.

Students, please make sure you are prepared with the following:

-blue/black pen and pencils

-single subject notebook

-a CHARGED Chromebook

As per district policy, the use of any unapproved electronic devices by students will be strictly prohibited.

District Grading Policy:

Assessments            45%

Classwork/Projects  50%

Homework                  5%

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