What is the PAC

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is school-based Advisory Council, the Board of Education has created as a method for obtaining pertinent information concerning curricular, budgetary, and personnel needs as well as the maintenance and care of school facilities. The PAC collaborates with administrators to positively impact the lives of our students.

What is the focus of PAC

-to improve the educational process for our children

-to be the collective voice of parents on critical issues of concern

-to work with our administrators in the decision making process, and ensure the effectiveness of educational programs

-to engage and empower our teachers, staff, and administration

through a collaborative process

-to address overall safety for our children, including facilities concerns regards to size, and anticipated growth

How the PAC helps Parents:

One role of PAC is to be the voice of parents on critical issues that are of concern. All WOES parents should be able to effectively address any issue that has negative affect on their child.

Steps for addressing PAC:

1. First, read and familiarize yourself with the

Carteret County Code of Student Conduct as well as the

Carteret County School System Parent/Student Handbook.

The answers to some complaints will be outlined in these manuals.

2. Most complaints can be handled through informal means, with the complaint addressed at the level closest to where it originated.

(For example- A classroom complaint should first be addressed with the teacher, then the principal, if necessary.

If you have followed the steps above and need further assistance

or want to discuss a PAC area of concern with a member of the committee, please complete the communication form below or email the PAC committee

PAC communication form


The committee meets the last week of each month.