CHS Student Government

SGA is responsible for shaping much of the students experience at Croatan High School. This highly active and visible organization serves the entire student body by sponsoring and organizing activities that range from service projects to dances. SGA works closely with other student clubs in support of a number of school spirit activities, ventures, and resources.

2019-2020 SGA


Shelby Waltrip

Croft McLean

Tayla Statham

Freshman TBD

Vice Presidents

Ella Campbell

Molly Fahy

Caleb Jordan

Freshman TBD

Representatives & Advisory

  • Seniors
    • Sara Compeggie (Rep)
    • Caroline Harvey (Rep)
    • Andrew Crespo
    • AnnMarie Benson
    • Savannah Anderson
    • Mariah Griffin
    • Madison Herring
    • Nicole McCabe
    • Kayley Steele
  • Juniors
    • Caroline Chalkley (Rep)
    • Grace Meyer (Rep)
    • Robbie Leonardo
    • Avah Beikirch
    • Ryan Michalowicz
    • Natalie Pollock
    • Colten Rodriguez
    • Gentry Straub
  • Sophomores
    • Lily Costanzo (Rep)
    • Hailey Paul (Rep)
    • Pia Martin
    • Timothy McCabe
    • James Wallace
  • Freshman