CHS Student Government

SGA is responsible for shaping much of the students experience at Croatan High School. This highly active and visible organization serves the entire student body by sponsoring and organizing activities that range from service projects to dances. SGA works closely with other student clubs in support of a number of school spirit activities, ventures, and resources.

2022-2023 SGA


Carolyn Le

Luke Nicolajsen

Hampton Scott

Jason Michalowicz

Vice Presidents

Hailey Paul

Hazel Scott

Luke Lewis

Adeline Magee

Representatives & Advisory

  • Seniors

    • James Wallace (Rep)

    • Abagail Johnson (Rep)

    • Tayla Statham

    • Timothy McCabe

  • Juniors

    • Lillian Beck (Rep)

    • Dana Wu (Rep)

    • Tyler Biedenbach

    • Catelyn Sullivan

  • Sophomores

    • Paige Songzoni (Rep)

    • Riley Daniels (Rep)

    • Emily Garman

    • Riley Fahy

    • Chelesa Zheng

    • Emma Garcy

    • Emma Kimzey

    • Faith Eilteron

    • Falon McCabe

    • Owen Woodruff

  • Freshman

    • Julianne McAllister (Rep)

    • Elyse Katolin (Rep)

    • Kian Ayers

    • Sophia Biedenbach

    • Landry Clifton

    • Riley Anne Meintrup

    • Giada Melbard