Military Families at BES


  • New to the area? There are changes to the registration process due to COVID-19. Please contact Lora Pyryemybida (Data Manager: 252-728-3316 ext. 308115 ) to obtain more information.

  • Pre-deployment or post-deployment leave coming up? Please contact Lora Pyryemybida (Data Manager: 252-728-3316 ext. 308115 ) regarding needed documentation and the approval process for absences. Documentation is needed prior to the leave dates in order for the days to be considered an excused absence.


  • Access and complete Carteret County Schools Registration Packet.

  • You will need:

    • Proof of Residency

    • Birth Certificate

    • Immunization Record

    • Prior School Information

    • Most recent report card

    • Custody papers (if applicable)

  • Contact Lora Pyryemybida if you have any questions with registration or would like to schedule an appointment. 252-728-3316 ext. 308115

  • Request Tour of the school

  • Contact Military School Liaison officers if any other concerns arise.

  • Get excited to be a Beaufort Elementary Seadog!


  • Notify Beaufort Elementary Data Manager, Lora Pyryemybida that your child will be leaving at least two weeks in advance.

  • Request official transcripts

  • Before the child's last day, ensure that you have the following documentation

    • Most current report card

    • Any additional paperwork - this would include medical, IEP, 504, AIG.

  • If you are PCSing overseas, please contact Lora Pyryemybida to coordinate transfer of records

  • Find out the latest date your child can check out of school and still receive full credit.

  • Ask if credits can be completed after they leave the school district.

  • Request work that your child can do to keep current during the transfer.


  • Lora Pyryemybida - Beaufort Elementary School Data Manager: 252-728-3316 ext. 308115

  • School Liaison Officer (Cherry Point): 252-466-7658

  • School Liaison Officer (Camp Lejeune): 910-449-9749/9915

  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP; Camp Lejeune): 910-451-4394

  • Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FEMAP; Camp Lejeune): 910-450-1676