Finding Your Stars

A lyrical children’s book about navigating the emotional ups and downs of life.

For kids — and their adults too!

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What people are saying

“This is definitely a great tool for self-regulation, self-compassion and increasing awareness of the emotional parts that each child holds — the clouds and the stars.”

— Lisa Azzopardi, registered social worker, psychotherapist at Catalyst Therapy

“I love it! It is so sweet, it brings tears to my eyes. I also like the mindfulness lesson — I learned a lot from it.”

— Dr. Alison Janes, family physician and mother of three

"My family loves Finding Your Stars! It can be so easy for our kids (and us as parents) to be hard on ourselves and focus on what isn't going right. This story is a beautiful reminder of how we can embrace those 'falls' and still shine bright as they make us better versions of ourselves."

— Neetu H. White

“A simple yet powerful story that acts as a wonderful emotional regulation tool for the whole family. I love how the words and illustrations bring this beautiful story to life!”

— Allison Villa, psychotherapist and relationship expert