Course Choices for 2023

The aim of this site is to help students plan and select their courses of study for the next year and beyond. It contains information about the courses available at Year 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. It is an introductory guide only. Each student needs a programme of study that meets her needs and consultation and advice about different subjects and courses available should be sought. Some subjects have academic pathways whilst others are designed to meet the varying needs of individual students. Not all subjects progress to NCEA Level 3 and University Entrance.

Members of staff, whom parents and students should discuss subjects and course with, include subject teachers, Head of Departments, Deans and the Careers Advisor.

If you cannot find the information you need on this website regarding courses please contact the Head of Department as below:

Email a staff member: use e.g.

Accounting. Ms T. Kessell

Art Ms D. Miller

Biology Mrs B. Pantry

Business Studies Ms T. Kessell

Career Pathways Mrs L. Bruce

Chemistry Mrs B. Pantry

Chinese Mr M. Nelson

Classical Studies Ms T. Kessell

Design Ms D. Miller

Digital Technology Mrs S. Goonan

Drama Mr A. Middleton

Economics Ms T. Kessell

English Mrs F. Blank Sahinkaya

French Mr M. Nelson

Food Technology Mrs S. Goonan

Gateway Mrs L. Bruce

Geography Ms T. Kessell

Health Education Mrs B. Stephens

History Ms T. Kessell

Home Economics Mrs S. Goonan

Hospitality Mrs S. Goonan

Mathematics Ms L. Bramsen

Materials Technology Mrs S. Goonan

Music Mr G. Child

Photography Ms D. Miller

Physical Education Mrs B. Stephens

Physics Mrs B. Pantry

Religious Education Ms M. Moore

Sciences Mrs B. Pantry

Te Reo Mr M. Nelson

Tourism Ms T. Kessell