Textbooks and Instructional Materials

In the Carlsbad Unified School District, textbooks considered for adoption are carefully reviewed by a committee of teachers and administrators. The most promising programs are piloted using established criteria and guidelines according to Board Policy 6161.1. The recommended books are then approved by the Carlsbad Unified School District Board of Education.  Each pupil in the district, kindergarten through grade twelve, is provided with standards-aligned textbooks or instructional materials that are consistent with the content and cycles of the curriculum framework adopted by the State Board of Education. 

The tables below provide information about the standards-aligned textbooks and other instructional materials used at the schools in the core subject areas of English, Mathematics, History-Social Science, Science, Health Education, and World/Foreign Languages. 

TK-5 Approved Textbooks 2022-2023
6-8 Approved Textbooks 2022-2023
9-12 Approved Textbooks


Renaissance STAR is the district Universal Screener for reading and math. Used as a tool in grades K-12, the Renaissance STAR adaptive assessments provide teachers with a tool to measure learning throughout the academic school year. Assessed district-wide, and nationally normed, STAR provides Lexile scores, support for RTI programs, and data to inform instruction to best meet the needs of all students. 

Guide to Star Assessments


Achieve3000® is designed to help students advance their nonfiction reading skills by providing differentiated online instruction. Teachers use the program with an entire class but the assignments are tailored to each student's reading ability level.

Sufficiency of Textbooks Exhibits

Sufficiency of Textbooks - Signed resolution 11-2223.pdf
09-14-2022 - Exhibit A - K-12 Approved Textbooks 2022-2023 (1).pdf