Carlsbad High School Orchestra

COngratulations '19-'20 Chamber Members

Seating assignments will be given on the last day of school. It will also include your results from the audition

Violins: (not in this order)

Josie DominguezViolet Peterson Emily FaucretJancy JimenezMaddie RandsRachiel TorresJeremy ThomasonTyler VoHannah Hong*Maribel Luo*Alex Palamar*Marina Nevin*Cohen Ryan*Ricky Vo

Violas: (Not in this order, awaiting 2 more audition results)

William DennehyEnya McGheeMolly Noonan

Cellos: (not in this order)

Zoe GoldsteinLuke O'NeillDylan PhillipsKelly Picton*Cate Maynard

Basses: (not in this order)

Ava Phillips *Maxwell Clark*Zachary Hankin


Jillian Wilson

*Indicates new member

I am the director, Jessica Allen. This year, my motto is:

"Pressure makes diamonds"

This is the perfect class for anyone who wants to deal with the pressures of home and school in a positive way. Many successful creative artists of all mediums had struggles in their lives, and they chose to turn those pressures into something marvelous for the world to see. All young musicians have the capacity to make diamonds as they navigate through high school.