CUSD 1:1 Chromebook Project

Our 1:1 Vision in CUSD

Carlsbad Unified is committed to preparing students for success in school and beyond. Part of this preparation includes making sure students are exposed to technology and taught how to use technology appropriately. Providing individual devices that they are responsible for operating and maintaining will equip students with 21st Century Skills including collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Rollout Plan

During the 2018-19 school year, all 6th-9th grade CUSD students will be issued a chromebook for educational use at school and at home. The chromebooks will be treated like a textbook and students will be issued devices at the start of the year for the entirety of their middle school career. By 2019-20, every secondary school student in CUSD will have an individual chromebook assigned to them.

Why Digital Learning?

Technology is an important 21st Century Skill. Nearly all career paths require using tools to communicate and collaborate. Students who are encouraged to use technology as a part of their learning demonstrate greater engagement and motivation. Additional benefits of digital learning include personalized learning, extended learning time, equitable access to learning resources, and college and career readiness.

Why Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are secure. The safety of our students is our greatest concern, and this includes safety from digital threats.

Chromebooks are simple. We want our students and our teachers to focus as much as possible on learning, and as little as possible on technology issues.

Chromebooks are affordable. Accidents happen at school, and when they occur we don’t want the consequence to be financially devastating for anyone.

Student Expectations

Chromebooks should be brought to school each school day with a fully charged battery.

Damaged, lost, or stolen chromebooks should be reported to the school library technician as soon as possible. Students will be issued a replacement chromebook to use while repairs/replacements are arranged.

Chromebooks should be kept clean, secure, and in good operating condition while in the custody of the student.