Careers in the common good

summer course & Project bootcamp

Applications for our 2020 programme are now open!

Are you...

  • Ready to make a difference but not sure how?
  • Interested in meeting a dynamic and international group of young adults?
  • Finishing high school, already at uni, taking some time off, or a young adult in the workforce?
  • Eager to improve your English in a professional context?

Careers in the Common Good was designed just for you!

Participant applications for the 2020 Summer Course and Project Bootcamp are open now!

What is Careers in the Common Good?

Careers in the Common Good (CCG) was created out of a desire to contribute to a more open, innovative Eastern Europe. We offer two intensive, ten-day courses, located at a peaceful campus on the outskirts of Budapest from 24 July to 2 August, 2020:

  • The CCG Summer Course, a series of interactive workshops about career-building for 18-25-year-old Europeans
  • The CCG Project Bootcamp, a programme for Europeans 25+ who are already in the workforce and are ready to develop a project to implement in their job or community

Both courses emphasise sustainability, social progress and social entrepreneurship. In addition to learning from young professionals thriving in varied careers in the region, participants have the opportunity to practice presentation, debate and negotiation skills in an international and diverse community.

We care about passion: Whether you have a project in mind and just need the tools and knowledge to bring it to life or know you want to make a difference but aren’t sure how, we’re ready to work with you.

Questions? Feel free to e-mail us:

What is the difference between SC and PB?

Summer Course

The Summer Course is our flagship programme, designed for those 18-25 who have yet to embark on their careers. The workshops in the summer course are structured to teach young adults about sustainability, entrepreneurship and social progress—and provide real-life examples of how to apply these in life and in work—and culminate in projects that participants develop in order to apply their new skills in a tangible way. The 2020 Summer Course will take place 24 July–2 August 2020.

Project Bootcamp

Project Bootcamp, new for 2020, is designed for young adults 25+ who have entered the workforce and have an idea of what they’d like to do with their careers. Although PB shares many of the themes of the Summer Course, material is more advanced and more time is devoted to the social project. Participants are asked to come in with a project in mind, and they will develop and refine it over the course. The 2020 Project Bootcamp will take place 24 July–2 August 2020.