The Positive Development Lab


Congratulations to all of our graduated Seniors! We will miss you!

Heather Finster, B.A., received the Excellence in Psychological Research award!

Sam Calias, B.A., received the Achievement in Psychology award!

The Psychology Department is accepting applications for the Human Development PhD, as well as the Clinical PhD, Applied-Experimental PhD, and Masters in Psychological Science programs for Fall 2020!

I will be interviewing and possibly accepting a student in the Human Development or Clinical PhD programs. You are welcome to apply to one or both programs, particularly if you can demonstrate a clear fit to our Children, Families, and Cultures specialization and my research program, specifically. CUA offers small, personalized programs and we will work hard to mentor you to meet your professional goals.

Spread the word and send in your applications!

Feel free to contact Dr. Degnan ( with any questions you may have.

Undergraduates interested in research experience?

Email Dr. Degnan ( a resume and a brief description of why you're interested in the PDL. Catholic University students can volunteer (1-3 hrs per week) or register for Research Apprenticeship credit (Psy 493: 4-5 hrs per week per credit) during the academic semester or over the summer.

Did you know the Psychology Department at Catholic University is over 125 years old?

Check out our rich history in Psychological Science here.