Applied Math in Action!

Pre-College Summer Program

The Catholic University of America | Mathematics Department

Washington, DC

Website and application are under construction

Please check back in February 2022

However, check out the other high school summer programs happening at CUA during Summer 2022 here!

See where math can take you!

2022 will be Catholic University's third summer math program for high school students who are interested in a fun look at how mathematics is applied in various ways. Our goal is to inspire students to study math as a preparation for STEM fields by not only learning applied math, but also by visiting places where math is used and interacting with high school peers and undergraduate students with similar interests.

  • Cryptology - From ancient methods to modern cryptography, which is important in the hot fields of cyber-security and hacking.

  • Game Theory - Surprisingly applicable to daily life, this is a look at decision-making

  • Data Science and Statistics - Describing the world through data

  • Number Theory - Essential to modern computer security

  • Graph Theory - Securing a building, creating a social network, graph theory is a modern applied math field

Catholic University's summer high school math program was recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society, and our school's summer high school programs are listed in the top 30 in the U.S.