Cape Coral's Land Planning and Zoning Authority

TOM SLAUGHTER is a data-driven urban planner focused on land entitlement, property investment, and real estate development. He leads Cape Land, a veteran-owned land planning firm located in beautiful downtown Cape Coral, Florida.

CAPE LAND guides property owners through local government land-use change and development processes. Safeguarding private property rights is our highest value. We do that by securing property entitlement approvals for future land use amendment, rezoning, and site development permitting. Our credentialed team prepares expert witness property reports for legislative and quasi-judicial public hearing proceedings. We also develop and administer GIS-supported analytics and territory planning for property viability and due diligence reporting. Cape Land's blended media drone video reports are scalable to support client budget and time needs.

Land Use

CAPE LAND develops and administers GIS-supported analytics and territory planning for property viability, due diligence and entitlement reporting.


TOM SLAUGHTER holds a Remote Pilot Certificate (sUAS) from the FAA, and founded META DRONE, a drone data, mapping, and video production company.

Real Estate

TOM SLAUGHTER is a licensed Realtor with LAND BROKERS and helps property owners buy and sell improved property and vacant residential lots.

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