If you need help finding the right book, come see Mrs. Skrabits. 

[  It is literally her favorite part of her job!  ]

A note from your librarian:

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Skrabits and I have THE ABSOLUTE BEST JOB!!  I taught ELA in Amarillo ISD for 9 years before moving into the library in Canyon ISD.  As a reading teacher I LOVED finding books that my kids would be excited about. I work really hard to get to know our students and what they enjoy so I can ensure that our library is stocked full of good books that are of high interest. 

Reading is so incredibly powerful for our young readers as it has the ability to educate, to heal, to provide hope, to transport, to expand viewpoints, and to transform minds and hearts.

My first year in the library at West Plains JH I genrefied our fiction collection.  That means we 100% changed the structure of where our books went on shelves as well as how they are labeled in the system.  Now students are able to browse and find books by genre so they are more likely to find something they're excited about.  

If you need help finding a book come see me!