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Canyon ISD is honored to be accepted as a Google Reference District. This honor is by invitation only and there are only 219 Google Reference Schools or Districts worldwide with 115 in the United States and 12 in the state of Texas. Canyon ISD will be the only Google Reference District within a 200-mile radius and the only Google Reference District in the Texas Panhandle.

Google for Education Reference Districts are districts that demonstrate excellence and thought leadership through the innovative use of technology, including G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) and Chromebooks, to drive impact and positive learning outcomes. -Google

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LOCATION: CISD Administration Building

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October 21st 2019


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Students are inundated with opportunities to grow and develop the 21st Century Learning skills of communication, collaboration, creation, and critical thinking. These skill sets are necessary and sought after in the business world. We are constantly exploring ways to be innovative in our approach to enforcing these skills and Google has enabled us to be forward thinking with this new opportunity.

Google was created through an educational institution and has continued to invest in this system. As a reference district, our staff and students gain early access to Google products and educational methodologies that will impact student success. We also become a point of contact for other districts interested in adopting any of the educational ideas, methodologies, and strategies that we employ here at Canyon ISD to make our program a success.

“Google has allowed our classrooms to go beyond the existing 4 walls and move us into a world of unlimited learning and potential for our students. Engaging our students and teachers in the learning process requires us to provide opportunities for them to create, collaborate, critically think and communicate using technology. G Suite has allowed us to do just that.” -Cameron Rosser (Asst Superintendent of Curriculum)


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Google allows Canyon ISD students and staff to collaborate in ways that were never before possible.


The district is able to see significant cost savings by moving the majority of internal staff and student storage as well as email into Googles Enterprise level system GSuite for Education. With virtually unlimited storage and email, the district is able to provide many more resources at no cost since these products are free to schools.

Security and Privacy

Privacy and security is something Canyon ISD and Google take very seriously. CISD works hard to make sure students are safe when they are on our campus and when they go home. We do this by putting certain limits on students Google accounts as well as by monitoring internet activity at home and at school including the school provided gmail accounts.

Securely provides a basic CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) filter for students when they leave our campus and uses a product called "Auditor" to scan student emails to ensure they are safe and warn specific staff members of issues like self harm and bullying. We also use securely as well as Googles built in tools to ensure every email coming into or out of a students or staff members account is monitored for safety.

Netspective serves the district as the corporate internet filter and allows the IT department to assign permissions based on campus and grade level for internet usage. We employee a filter policy that is CIPA (child internet protection act compliant) while maintaining access to high quality resources such as youtube and google images.

GSuite for Education is the enterprise level platform CISD uses for Google accounts. This is more robust than your standard Google account and allows a full range of controls for the IT Department. To view Googles stance on privacy and security of your student click HERE