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Daily Announcements:

~ Find the newsletter with the links to our Student Help Labs here!

~ Congratulations to December Character Award winners: Maggie Dervan, Leah Cohen, Courtney Pratt, Angie Elias, and Mrs. Iacobucci!

  • Reminder: Term 2 ends TOMORROW, Friday, January 29th!

  • Good luck to Girls Basketball vs Oliver Ames TODAY, Thursday, January 28th. Go Bulldogs!

  • CHS will implement the new schedule on Monday, February 22, which is the first day of school after winter vacation. Learn more by checking out Mr. Turcotte's Principal Newsletter here.

  • Mu Alpha Theta is officially set up for math tutoring on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:30-3:30pm! The Zoom tutoring link can be found here .

  • Science National Honor Society tutoring is on Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:35-3:05pm! If you need help with any science work please feel free to join the SNHS tutoring Zoom here.

  • Support Make-A-Wish MA and RI by purchasing a a mask for $5 or an ear-saver for $3. Fill out the order form here.

  • Thank you to Ben Bubis, Anna Verille, and Mike Gunning for designing our three amazing banners featured this week!

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What steps are you going to take today to embrace the best version of yourself?

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Daily Schedule: Day 2

Links to Health And Safety Policies

  • In order for students to attend CHS, families must complete a self-screening form for each student every day. That form is linked here.

  • Students must submit a questionnaire by the start of each athletic training or game which can be accessed here.

  • The link to the cafeteria and library seating form can be found here.

  • Staff and students are required to wear a mask at CHS. The entire face covering policy is linked here.

  • Families who wish to read the CPS Protocols for Responding to COVID-19 Scenarios may visit this link here.

Drama Club's Announcements

Cabaret & Musical Audition Updates and Important Information!!!

Cabaret & Musical Audition Info (all meetings and auditions/callbacks are remote):

  • Sister Act Read-Thru/Sing-Thru-Thursday, Jan 28th 3-5pm

  • 1st Cabaret Rehearsal: Friday, Jan 29th 3-5pm

  • Cabaret Rehearsals & Filming: All of February INCLUDING February Break! Mostly Remote but SOME in person rehearsals for group numbers (Full schedule will be given on Friday 1/29)

  • Sister Act Rehearsals & Filming: March 1st through end of April INCLUDING April Break! Some Remote and some In-Person rehearsals (Full Schedule will be given beginning of Feb)

  • Audition Requirements-- EITHER 2 songs from Sister Act OR 1 song from Sister Act and a Song of Your Choice--Show off both your vocal and acting range!! Songs to look at from Sister Act "Fabulous, Baby!" "Take Me To Heaven", "I Haven't Got a Prayer", "When I Find My Baby", and "I Could Be That Guy" (specific cuts given at the info meeting/workshops)

  • There will be a Sign Up Sheet for both shows and an Audition Form that we will share at the info meeting that you will need to fill out. So even if you can't attend the meeting you need to make sure you do that. Any questions, ask Ms. Brobst! Please spread the word! Thanks! :)

Mindful Moments

~ Positivity Lift - Morning Mindset Podcast Link: here

~ Daily Inspiration from the book, Good Morning, by Brook Noel: here

~ The Mindful Living Card Deck, building habits of sustainable happiness: here

~ Below is an excerpt for you to fill in from The Positivity Journal, a guided journal for inspiration, affirmation, and gratitude to become your best self

First, a note from the author, Brook Noel:

Weekly Shout-Outs

This week’s Shout-Out goes to the CHS Math Team

Congratulations to the Math Team for their amazing start to the 2020-2021 school year! The phenomenal coaches that have led this team to success are Mr. Dybdahl and Mr. Ng. The incredible members on the team this year are Warda Ahmed, Michael Bornstein, Semonti Choudhury, Adam Clyve, Adam Elkadi, Michael Gaffney, Rose Giglio, Lily Hazm, Jack Hernon, Lauren Hernon, Sean Issac, Aaron Mar, Emma Massih, Matthew McDonough, Michael Morris, Nam Pham, Christopher Pho, Amanda Signorini, Nadira Simon, Hannah Wang, Alison Ye, and Zoe Yu. The Senior Captains, Matt McDonough, Nam Pham, and Jack Hernon, have displayed strong leadership, guiding the team through six virtual meets so far. McDonough has led the team in scoring this season, while both he and Pham have each recorded a perfect score during a meet this season. This program is looking forward to a bright future led next year by juniors, Lauren Hernon and Semonti Choudury. Congratulations again to the Math Team for their excellent start to the year, and good luck the rest of the way!

Upcoming Events

CPS School Year Calendar: here

- Friday, January 29th: end of Term 2

Hockomock Sports: here MIAA: here

This Week's Athletic Events: Monday the 25th-Friday the 29th

  • Monday 25th: Boys Hockey vs Attleboro, Boys Basketball vs Attleboro

  • Tuesday 26th: Girls Basketball vs Oliver Ames

  • Wednesday 27th: Boys Hockey vs Oliver Ames, Swimming vs Oliver Ames

  • Thursday 28th: Girls Basketball vs Oliver Ames

  • Friday 29th: Boys Hockey vs Oliver Ames

Our Week at a Glance

Culture within CHS Community

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Stars in the making!

Talent must run in the water here at CHS as our students and staff dazzled the public with an evening of entertainment during our Virtual Talent Show, on Friday, January 22nd! From dancing and singing, to instrument playing and jokes, the night was a huge success; anyone who tuned in would agree that these performers at CHS are spotlight bound!

Boys Varsity Hockey remains undefeated, earning two victories, 2-0 and a 6-1, over North Attleboro. Girls Varsity Hockey is also undefeated with their latest wins of 8-1 and 10-0 against Stoughton/Sharon. Keep up the strong work Bulldogs!

Boys freshmen, JV, Varsity and seniors of the Basketball teams pose here, geared up and masked up to take on more competition on the court. Girls Basketball recently earned two huge victories over Sharon, 54-23 and 62-19. Awesome work CHS!

Student Voices

~ Prism, CHS's Literary Magazine: here

~ Follow Prism on Instagram @Prismchs

~ Spectrum, CHS's Newspaper: here

~ Submit issues for Spectrum's Advice Column: here

~ Learn about CHS's GSA advocacy: here

~It's Always March Vodcast: here

This Week's Piece By Patrice Saunders

Special edition poetry performance!

Weekly Good Vibes Video

Inaugural Poet, Amanda Gorman, delivers The Hill We Climb

Amanda Gorman "set out to write a poem that would inspire hope and foster a sense of collective purpose."

The January Takeaway

Memorable Messages and Moving Mantras

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission on the CHS Daily News is to foster an inclusive and engaging community, promote positivity, showcase diverse perspectives, and celebrate school culture.

Our vision is that this website will cultivate a welcoming environment where our CHS community feels represented and connected.

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