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The CanIL Bible Translation Computing Tools Conference was held on March 10, 2023

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Paratext is a Scripture translation software that can be used for all stages of the translation process, from studying the passage to the publication of the translated material. With Paratext, you get access to several great resource texts in a variety of different languages. The ability to share between team members and stay organized by creating a customized translation plan is all possible. 

The Bible Translator's Assistant (TBTA)
TBTA produces high-quality drafts of the Bible by using a linguistically based natural language generator and developed semantic representations of the Biblical books. This software uses an English-based metalanguage augmented with a feature system that was sufficiently enriched in order to produce these high-quality translations in a very wide variety of languages. 

FLExTrans utilizes Fieldworks Language Explorer to produce a machine translation. This linguist-friendly software allows the user to analyze the source text, link lexicon entries, and write transfer rules. FLExTrans works best between two related languages.

Render is an oral Bible translation software. This software allows speakers in a language to be able to translate and record Scripture as well as work with others and the community in the checking process. Render is created to be used by oral language users and easily stores all of the recordings associated with the translation process.

Clear Bible
Clear Bible provides various software to help aid and accelerate the faithful translation of the Bible. One such program is MACULA (Machine-Assisted Corpus Unified Linguistic Annotation). MACULA provides both human translators and their computers with insights into the original Greek and Hebrew text. Through open licensing, decades’ worth of relevant linguistic knowledge on the source material will be made available for free. 

Tools.Bible is a user-friendly centralized library of all the tools available in the Bible translation world. An individual can search for the tools that are most useful to them by applying different filters including a translation stage, modality, and integrations filters, etc. Each entry comes with a detailed description, a link to the developer’s website, testimonials, and a list of related tools. Organizations can also easily submit their tools for inclusion in the platform.