Global Beer Exchange

Who are we?

Established in 2008, Global Beer Exchange was created by Jim Araneta to spread the gospel of hops in the Philippines. He is a beer aficionado, the Guru, who got bored to tears with the mass-marketed products. Beer is so much more than the fizzy, wizzy carbonated yellow beer that we are accustomed to. He wanted the Philippine community to discover and savor the depth of color, intricate aromas and flavors of independent brews from all over the world.

All craft beer are made using only natural ingredients and follow the Law of Purity of traditional beer brewing. Our beers do not contain any cost-saving adjuncts and preservatives that give our pounding hangovers the next day - only real barley, yeast, and hops plus dashes of creativity in the form of berries, chocolate, hazelnuts, and even flowers.

Global Beer Exchange specializes in the import of specialty beers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Scotland and Japan, and also craft beers from the Philippines.

The Filipino's interest in specialty premium beers is on the rise. More and more discerning beer drinkers discover and savor the intricate tastes of specialty beers from small independent micro-breweries from all over the world. These beers require a passion for brewing and exquisite craftsmanship.They reach an astonishing complexity and depth of flavor. Our brews open up a new horizon in the world of beer and equal wine's supremacy in the world of connoisseurship.

Our assortment is tailored to the connoiseurs and enthusiasts of all walks of life who know how to enjoy the character and flavor of this social liquor called beer.

Global Beer Exchange has built direct and exclusive distribution agreements in the Philippines with the following breweries distilleries:

        • Anderson Valley Brewing Company - Mendocino, California
        • Gordon Biersch Brewing Company - San Jose, California
        • Dry Fly Distilling - Washington, USA
        • Hitachino Nest - Ibaraki, Japan
        • Rogue Ales - Newport, Oregon
        • Stone Brewing Company - Escondido, California
        • The Cebruery - Cebu, Philippines
        • Palaweno Brewery - Palawan, Philippines

We offer our delicious craft beer products in some of the country's top luxury hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, liquor stores, bars and pubs, some hip hostels, and even coffee shops. Allow our beer gurus to guide you through a beer tasting session of our signature brews and create the best craft beer line-up for your establishment! Contact us through any of the channels below.

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