BiUrb Recent advances in variational methods

Invited speakers

Paul H. Rabinowitz (Madison, Wisconsin): Variational gluing and multi-transition solutions for some families of elliptic equations and systems

Vicentiu Radulescu (Bucharest, Romania): Double phase problems with variable growth and Singular phenomena in nonlinear elliptic equations

Biagio Ricceri (Catania, Italy): Miscellaneous applications of certain minimax theorems

When and Where

May 30 and 31, 2019 - Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo, Collegio Raffaello (Piazza della Repubblica, 13, Urbino), II piano, Aula Turing

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Organizing Committee

Giovanni Molica Bisci [home page]

Simone Secchi [home page]

Raffaella Servadei [home page]

Supported by

GNAMPA [website]

Dipartimento di Scienze Pure e Applicate dell'Università di Urbino Carlo Bo [website]


Registration is free for everybody, but you are kindly request to send an e-mail to biurb-na@unimib.it to confirm your participation.

Call for short talks

The names of the contributed speakers will appear soon in the program. No further proposal will be accepted.

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