About us

Camp Frame was donated by Nat T. and Grace Frame in 1927. It was to be used for 4-H camping in the Tri-county area.

Tents were used to house the first campers. Many of those individuals brought potatoes, chickens, or vegetables instead of a camp fee. The dining hall was built by volunteers with blocks and supplies from the brick plant that was in Back Creek Valley. The green buildings used for the girls dorms were bought from Newton D. Baker VA center and moved to camp for a fee of $400. The caretakers house was built in the 50's.

There have been two major fund raising efforts which provided the camp with the current dorms, another assembly hall, additional room at the caretakers cottage and doubled the size of the dining hall. It is managed by a board of directors that contain representatives from the Farm Bureau, CEOS, 4-H and at large members from each county; Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson.