Mrs. Smith's Class

Weekly Announcements: Sept. 1, 2019

Hello! I've met some of you, but I'm looking forward to meeting all of you at some point. I work with my homeroom students and Maestra Llanos' class. I'm sharing my web site with you mainly for the calendar. I've added all of the field trips I've scheduled so far for the entire year. We still have one or two that need to be scheduled. I will try to keep the Dates to Remember below current, but I am not sure how many people will actually be checking this.

We are still collecting baby photos and school supplies. Thank you to those of you who have sent some in for us.

We spent most of last week doing i-ready testing in math and reading. This week we will start the monthly i-station assessments.

Questions or concerns? Call me at 408-341-7000 x4910 or email me at Email is probably the best way to reach me.

Dates to Remember:

  • Sept. 2: Labor Day: No school
  • Sept. 26: Levi Stadium Field Trip
  • Oct. 1: Sea Odyssey field trip for Smith
  • Oct. 3: Sea Odyssey field trip for Llanos
  • Oct. 7-11: Parent Conferences - dismissal @ 12:20 pm