CCMS School Counseling

our Mission

The mission of the Campbell County Middle School Counseling Program is to provide equal access for all students to a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program delivered by certified professional school counselors that meets the needs of every student. The comprehensive school counseling program collaborates with stakeholders to meet students’ developmental needs as identified through needs assessments, to deliver interventions using evidence-based programs, and evolves through data analysis of outcomes. As a result, all students will be able to identify personal strengths that can be applied to achieve their academic, career, and personal/social goals.

Topic of the Month:

Career and College Readiness

  • 6th through 8th grade students focus on 'Exploring' career and college options using Xello
  • Counselors will be leading lessons where students will be learning about themselves and the opportunities that could align with those interests.

Parent Resources:

  • Talking to Your Student About Career
  • At libraries, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, getting an oil change… everywhere and anywhere...ASK:
    • What do you like most about your work?
    • What subject(s) did you like in school?
    • What is the hardest thing about your work?
    • If someone was interested in your type of work, what skills might they need to develop?
    • What is something that you have to do everyday that might surprise people?
    • What is something you didn’t do well at first that you are really good at now?

  • ALSO, Parent/Student Juuling Educational Meeting
    • November 12th, 6-7pm at the CCMS Library