Library Media Commons Hours

7:30-3:45 PM

Mrs. Albert, Teacher Librarian

Mrs. McGinty, LMC Tech

Clubs may reserve the library after conference period. tonia.albert@camas.wednet.edu

Current Club Meetings:Lit Lovers-Thursdays 3:20-4:00


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 🔑How can I change my PW for Skyward or Google?

A: Any of your teachers can help you with PW resets for both.  If a teacher is not available, come to the LMC to have your PW reset.  tonia.albert@camas.wednet.edu  or stephanie.mcginty@camas.wednet.edu

Q: 📚How can I pick up textbooks?

A:  AP Textbooks are distributed at Fall Kick Off. If you did not get your books then, you can pick them up in the LMC before school (7:30-8:45 AM) at lunch, or after school (3:15-3:45 PM), starting the first day of school

A:  Classes needing textbooks other than AP classes will check out textbooks with their class during the first and second week of school.

Q: 💻 My CB is broken.  How do I get help?

A:  Complete the CB Repair form FIRST, then bring your CB to the circulation desk to get a repair loaner.  You will get an email when your repaired CB is ready for pick up.

Q:  📖 I really want to check out a library book...how?

A:  Log into the Library Catalog (Destiny Discover) through the link at the bottom of this page & browse for books--then come to the LMC and find them on the shelf to check out.  We are open for student access before school, at lunch and after school.  During classes, students may come to the LMC with a pass.

Q: 💻 I left my CB at home today or my CB isn't charged!  Help!

A:  We do not have CBs available for students who forgot their CB.  Options: Students can come to the LMC to use our desktop stations or call home to have someone bring their CB to school. 

A: We DO have one day check out CB chargers for students who need power.  Come to the LMC with a pass to check one out.