Week at a Glance & FAQ

CHS Library Media Center (LMC) Week at A Glance.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 🔑How can I change my PW for Skyward or Google?

A: Any of your teachers can help you with PW resets for both. If a teacher is not available, email Mrs. Albert or Mrs. Dickinson for assistance. Make sure to include your full name and a description of your log in issue. tonia.albert@camas.wednet.edu terri.dickinson@camas.wednet.edu

Q: 📚How can I pick up textbooks?

A: You can pick up textbooks at our Walk Up Window any school day from 7:30 -9:30 AM. You should not need any textbooks for the first two days of Synchronous learning.

Q: 💻 What about my CB? I still have the old one!

A: You can bring your old CB during our Walk Up Hours to exchange for a new one. Make sure it's clean with no stickers. Bring your case, CB and charger with you to exchange.

Q: 💻 My CB is broken (won't turn on, says OS is missing, broken screen etc). How do I get help?

A: Complete the CB Repair form FIRST, then bring your CB to the walk up window to get a loaner. You will get an email when your repaired CB is ready for pick up.

Q: 📖 I really want to check out a library book...how?

A: Log into the Library Catalog (Destiny Discover) through our Online Resources Tab & place books on hold. Wait for an email saying books are ready for pick up at CHS on school days from 7:30-9:30 AM at the LMC Walk Up Window.

Q: 💻 My CB won't connect at home...

A: Check out the Remote Learning Site for troubleshooting if needed.