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The Healthy Mind Platter

Psychologist Daniel Siegel created the Healthy Mind Platter as a way to “optimize brain matter and create well-being”. Check out this list of ways you can support your brain growth this summer.


Create some sort of goal for yourself this summer. Maybe it’s reading the entire Harry Potter series, or going on a bike ride at least once a week - setting goals allows deep connections in the brain.

Learn a new language

Identify the plants and birds around you


Engage your creativity by making a blanket fort, drawing, being spontaneous, learning a new sport. When we take time to participate in new activities are brain gets bumped.

Make a comic book

Learn to make paper airplanes

Fold origami


Our brain loves social connections! I know this may look different this summer but try to get creative with connecting with friends, relatives or neighbors. Our brain is hardwired for relationship and when we spend time with others it activates this important part of our brain.

Write a letter or create a postcard to send to a friend or family member.

Teach your dog a new trick.


Your brain loves to move! Jumping rope, running, dancing, bike-riding, you name it, when we move our body or brain gets a boost

Excercise Resources

Create a dance routine

Learn to do yoga

Go for a walk and try to ID birds or collect heart shaped rocks.


Spending quiet time allows our brain to reflect and process all of the data it takes in. Hanging out by yourself, lets you get comfortable with your thoughts and feelings. Your brain LOVES it when you allow it to settle and integrate all of the information you’ve collected

Take a bath

Write in a journal


Relaxing without a care in the world helps your brain recharge.


Sleep is HUGELY beneficial to your brain. Without adequate sleep, your brain can’t work at full capacity. Get those zzzzz’s