AP Environmental Science

"I’d rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned”

— Richard Feynman

Two goals that guide my teaching philosophy would be for students to understand the importance of scientific literacy and to reignite a sense of curiosity and willingness to question the world around them. I want to see kids develop skills that will keep the doors to their future open, whether that is college, vocational training or jumping right into the work force. I hope to develop the attitude in kids that it is ok to fail as long as we use these challenges to learn- I am a believer in the "not yet" -- growth mindset approach.

Dear Parents,

Paul Anderson is one of my favorite youtube instructors for science. Both his clarity and organization are refreshing. Please watch one of his latest video clips for some tips and suggestions for supporting your kids with science from home.

Teaching Science at Home a Survival Guide for Parents